SAP Netweaver

We've been working professionally with IT since 1995. We started working with SAP NetWeaver in 2004, and have worked intensively and broadly with Web Dynpro, SAP ISA/XECO (Internet Sales/E-Commerce/Web Channel Management), FSCM-BD (Financial Supply Chain Management - Biller Direct) as well as customizing and completely re-engineering SAP NetWeaver Portal in a technical and application focused sense.

We can make a SAP NetWeaver Portal work and look like a modern web application. We can tweak a SAP ISA/XECO so it both looks like and actually is a state-of-the-art e-commerce solution. We are amongst the few that are extensively experienced in customizing and enhancing SAP Biller Direct from the core and up. We have created mobile terminal solutions based on Web Dynpro Mobile, and since 2004 developed very complex Web Dynpro solutions, as seen from the business value perspective, that are still easy to use.