About us

Enterlab has been founded by two happy geeks with many years of experience in the areas of architectural design, scoping and development of web-, mobile- and business-systems. We develop our own systems from scratch, customize systems from other vendors, and happily find pragmatic and solid ways of integrating them all with web and the Cloud as glue.

Below you can read a bit about our founders.

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Henrik L. Mohr, CEO & co-founder of Enterlab

Henrik Mohr

CEO & co-founder

Henrik started to speak in code as 8 years old. The spoken-to was his fathers Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. In the end of 1996 he developed Denmarks first web based bank analysis. Since then his mantra has been to let advanced processes become available for everyone using web technology. Henrik is a bit of an inventor and is passionate about creating prototypes and production ready soft- and hardware. And he really loves a great cup of coffee, a well microbrewn beer, and spends his time off with humans and machines he cares about.

Søren Madsen, Partner & co-founder of Enterlab

Søren Madsen

Partner & co-founder

Søren is not afraid of embarking into the unknown and go for the gold. In the good old days of studying this could be seen by him being part of the famous "Guldfireren", that rowed themselves to honor and glory across the world. An injury put a full stop on this career, but kickstarted Sørens career in IT. The same winning spirit still follows Søren. Whatever he does, he does it to be the best. Søren is well known for his courtesy that isn’t being less accentuated by offering him a delicious cake with a good coffee or beer to go with it.