Introducing: MeeWee!

We proudly present our first product: MeeWee [mee wee].

MeeWee is a cloud based self service solution for employees and managers that wants to get their everyday administration done as painless and quickly as possible, without the need for tedious paperwork or intricate IT systems.

From launch we support the process for registering and approval of absence for employees and their managers, on smartphones, tablets and in ordinary web browsers.

MeeWee Logo

You can get started today, wether or not your company is a global enterprise, a small local business or anything in between. It doesn't matter if you already have a backend system to support your daily processes or not.

Read more about MeeWee, and register your interest.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Enterprise IT Innovation Laboratory

We are a newly established specialist company living and breating to help the Enterprises. We urge to help with the stuff that's outside of ordinary IT departments focus, area of expertise or both. Our world begins where the world ends.

Our world is centered around EIS in general and ERP systems in particular, to make them user friendly and make them available everywhere. Our primary focus areas are Cloud, Web and Mobile solutions for backend systems such as SAP.

The following pages will tell you more about us, and hopefully make you want to getting to know us. Enter our Lab - we've opened!

Cloud, Web & Mobility

Enterprise Cloud services such as SAPs Cloud and PaaS are amongst our primary effort areas. Why run a full SAP NetWeaver stack by yourself, if you can make SAP do it for your? Using languages, platforms and technologies such as Java/JVM, Ruby on Rails, Clojure and SAP RFC, Gateway and SAP Cloud Connector we open up any SAP process and make key areas of them available in SAPs own Cloud.

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Process & Technique

Most of what we do is based upon business processes. In our oppinion the best processes are those that has been translated into easy-to-use IT in the form of server applications, web services, mobile applications and perhaps even custom developed hardware. The rest of what we do is practical and theoretic studies of new methods and technologies.

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SAP Netweaver

We've been working professionally with IT since 1995. We started working with SAP NetWeaver in 2004, and have worked intensively and broadly with Web Dynpro, SAP ISA/XECO (Internet Sales/E-Commerce/Web Channel Management), FSCM-BD (Financial Supply Chain Management - Biller Direct) as well as customizing and completely re-engineering SAP NetWeaver Portal in a technical and application focused sense.

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